Social Change

" Empowering people can be
viewed as an asset on its own."

Policy making, support to decentralised systems

We develop our projects with the conviction that local decision making has the most direct influence in people's lives. Our projects focus on enabling local actors to engage in public action. This may imply developing their capacity to discuss and communicate, opening up to problem-solving and decision-making skills, and the ability to work in partnership with local authorities. We contribute to design policies, using participatory processes. 

Social dialogue, Human rights, Gender equality

We develop tools to progress towards a stronger and more egalitarian society. By means of guidelines, manuals, organizations mapping and other studies, we intend to support institutions, communities, organizations in their action towards protecting the most vulnerable

Support to civil society and non-state actors

We work to transform knowledge and experience into consensus and action that will help structuring communities' initiatives. We conduct training and capacity building activities to empower the people and encourage the emergence of social change.

Stories about Social Change

Working with communities in Lesotho for the project LoCAL

Our team undertook a mission in Lesotho in March 2018 to prepare the start of Phase 1 of the project LoCAL (Local Climate Adaptive Living Facility).

The project, conducted by UNCDF and fi ...

UNICEF Child Right Toolkit

In Adelante, we are proud to have taken part in the preparation of the EU/UNICEF 'Child Rights Toolkit: Integrating child rights in development cooperation' to strengthen the capacity of developmen ...

Structuring ideas with the civil society in Tunisia

Capacity building to civil society organisations and local authorities, stakeholders of the PASC (Programme d’Appui à la Société Civile) in project preparation, to receive future EU support, i ...

Public Finance

"Public finance management is crucial for institutions to turn policy ambitions into real-life outcomes for citizens: this drives reform." 

Public Finance Management assessment

We work with you to use Public Expenditure and Framework Analysis (PEFA), an internationally recognized diagnostic tool. We take it further with you in determining risks to the budget and policy achievements. We help you set your priorities to strengthen costing, internal and external controls and procurement.

Sector Budget Analysis and Expenditure Reviews

Methodological assistance for budget analysis and expenditure reviews designed to ensure that policy costs are fairly budgeted, expenditure programmes are funded timely and sectors plans can lead to better services.

Support to Public Finance Management Reform

We work to position public financial management reform firmly in the everyday realities of the national institutional and political context. We design and change management process to sustain fit-for purpose reforms and accountable institutions.

Use of external funds

We support Budget Support Operation design and risks framework, laying the foundation for management controls and monitoring. We work with you on procurement, handling of contract and irregularities management to ensure that aid is fully integrated into national plans and accountability mechanisms.


Stories about Public Finance

Innovating in SBS training in the Balkans

Adelante’s team was hired by ReSPA (Regional School of Public Administration – Montenegro) to tailor-make trainings for civil servants with the objective to their Sector Budget Support (SBS): t ...

Sustainable Development

"Sustainable development necessarily addresses the environmental, social, cultural, political and economic determinants that underpin wealthy living. This implies adopting a multi-sector approach to find robust, long term solutions."

Capacity Development

We focus our efforts on disseminating good practices in aid delivery methods, designing and implementing capacity building activities. The coaching of stakeholders and our participation to reference Toolkits and Manuals are key to fulfil this mission. 

Sustainable use of resources

We support initiatives that advance on natural resources management (including freshwater, land resources, forests, biodiversity, …), building economically and socially attractive environments. This implies avoiding or reducing negative impacts on the quality of local ecosystems, and planning for future maintenance and further improvements. 

Climate change

We support institutions and local actors to understand climate change vulnerability and risk, and to develop policies and planning processes as a response. To sustain climate resilience, we provide climate finance analysis and sourcing, and advice on policies oriented towards a green economy. 

Policy coordination and capacity

We implement results based management systems, raising the capacity for evidence based analysis on specific issues, developing skills for policy analysis, innovative financing and review of aid processes and effectiveness.

Stories about Sustainable Development

We support local communities in Myanmar to cope with Climate Change effects

Adelante’s team has recently traveled to Myanmar to implement the project Climate Change Alliance - Phase 2, funded by the European Union.  This formulation mission was aimed at identifying the ...

Review of DFID contribution to EU aid

Assessing the effectiveness of DFID’s oversight of the UK contributions to EU development assistance. Review of Objectives, Impact, Delivery including performance management and result frameworks ...

Timor Leste Government and climate change

Formulation of projects on climate change adaptation and food security, through decentralised local authorities and environmentally focused local development plans, in Timor Leste. Developing techn ...

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