A network of professionals focused on improving people’s lives.
We support the definition and implementation of new policies and projects while looking for the most efficient ways to create participatory change.


The Adelante network is made up of talented people, who share a common vision and values: performing meaningful work, finding better solutions that improve people’s lives. They are committed to achieving more together.


The diversity of their perspectives comes together to enable a deep understanding of the problems. They share their creativity, pragmatism, resources and lessons from the field. They make the most of each other’s experience.


The network extends and hosts trusted professionals who have demonstrated their know-how. The strength of the network also lies in the trust and transparency that prevails.
Agile network on a human scale

Agile network on a human scale

It is agile because of its human size and because members frequently work together. The combination of skills and experience contributes to finding new solutions. Adelante ensures they are fit for purpose, supervising work quality and performance.

Our manifesto
Common vision and values

true partnerships

true partnerships

Because working at the international level through former prisms of “development” is no longer valid, new approaches and services should be delivered to enable true partnerships between governments, citizens, and private partners.
holistic approach

holistic approach

In any assignment, we underline the importance of a context analysis that pays special attention to interactions, synergies, dependency or potential effects between thematic areas. When possible, we emphasize the value of partnerships.


We propose realistic solutions, options that we know institutions will be able to implement.


We address issues with impartiality, as part of our commitment to help you to choose, design and implement best-fit solutions.


We ensure that information is kept secure at all times.
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