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    involving more than 150 projects in 60 countries

  • Stories

    involving more than 150 projects in 60 countries

Launch of the Eurotour, cornerstone of the CuTE programme


11 September 2019 will be remembered as a milestone for EU programme CuTE (Cultivating the Taste of Europe), with its official inauguration in Brussels and launch of its cornerstone: the Eurotour. 

The Eurotour is a mobile greenhouse that will travel in four different European countries to offer educative activities aimed at raising awareness about the EU fruit and vegetables’ benefits.

This is precisely the CuTE campaign’s mission: to sensitize the European citizens - especially children and young parents - on the benefits to consume European fruit and vegetables, with a special focus on their specific features and on the greenhouse production advantages (such as economy of water, optimization of temperatures, control of pesticides, etc.). CuTE is a EU funded programme that will run a variety of communication activities during 3 years. 

The event was a success, with the participation of several members of the European Parliament and the presence of local schools to acknowledge the pedagogic approach of the Eurotour activities. 

This success bodes well for the upcoming activities, that will run till 2021. 

Adelante will be in charge of the Monitoring and Evaluation of the activities for this period. A challenging and exciting mission ahead!


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